FaFa's New Earth Star Ascension Presents...
Six Healing Sounds

Fa Fa Gomes

Since there is a large amount of Cosmic Energy running rampid through your Nervous System certain gases will build up and they will need to be released from 6 of your organs. If these exercises are not practiced complications can arise.

They are to be repeated very soft, gentle and silently to yourself one right after the other for as many times as you like - 9-18-27 times .... They are to be repeated every month or so or when they come to your mind for the rest of your life to keep these 6 organs in tip top shape. He, Who, See, Zee ,Zoo, Choo-ee

He- Heart, Who - Spleen, See– Lungs, Zee– Triple warmer
Zoo-Liver, Choo-ee - Kidneys


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