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God's Holy Breath Mantra

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Tell yourself to RELAX, put your Mind on your Tan Tien and begin to  repeat
God's Holy Breath Mantra Tan Tien 1, Tan Tien 2, Tan Tien, Tan Tien 4, Tan Tien 5 silently to your self as soon as you wake up and take your first conscious breath. Get up use the bathroom, get a drink of water to get your metabolism going then start practicing with the Tan Tien Breathing video on the instructions page.

 Practice facing East during day light hours. By facing east, you receive the most amount of energy from the your practice between 5 am—8 am

*** Exercise on a flat surface only, if you don’t, you will throw you energy off balance and cause an energy blockage (energy deviation).

When you are done exercising in the morning, take a 5, 10 or 15 minute walk outdoors  only to  help circulate your energy. Join a health club to exercise indoors if you live in a city area to protect your health. You can only exercise outdoors if you exercise where the air is clean, and amongst trees, trees purify the air you are breathing.

Continue to repeat God's Holy Breath Mantra breathing exercise:   silently to your self for as many times as you can throughout the rest of the day and evening, during any activity whether it be exercising or watching TV, walking or whatever you are doing at the time but  ***pay special attention to what is going on around you when you are driving or operating machinery.

Practice facing South after the sun goes down to receive the most amount of energy from your practice between 5 pm—8 pm.

It can take up to 30 days of dedicated practice for your Breathing to switch back to 24 hour lower abdominal deep breathing. Your Best Teacher is Practice, Practice, Practice…

***Before you can transfer chest breathing back to Tan Tien  deep breathing you must first understand the importance of it and want it bad enough to keep
God's Holy Breath Mantra constantly on your mind until 24 hour lower abdominal deep breathing becomes second nature. Have patience and this will happen.

One of the Key Secrets: Always tell your self to relax as you begin to inhale and repeat
God's Holy Breath Mantra silently to your self on your own. Tell your self to relax when youn begin to exhale. Do this until you are able to 24 hour abdominal breathe on your own.

Don’t exercise outdoors in hot humid weather. If you have a weak heart stay indoors in an air conditioned room/house as much as possible if the outdoors is very humid and hot.

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