FaFa's New Earth Star Ascension Presents...            The Five Tan Tiens Meditation 

faFa Gomes

There are 3 Meditation  (contemplation) postures. One must never just stand/sit/lay there without any thoughts because this is not a meditation and  you will get nowhere.

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart with your arms along your sides or sit on the edge of a chair with your palms on your thighs, close your eyes and repeat the word love silently to your self  ( unconditional love, unconditional love, Unconditional love etc…) for 1 minute and then stop. The word Unconditional love will still run through your mind for awhile. This is meditating on Unconditional Love. When you Meditate by repeating the word Unconditional Love for 15 minutes a day silently to your self, you will become loving. You can do the same for the World Peace or any other positive word you want to Meditate on to become that way.

You can read scriptures/sentences many times and let the words run through your mind so you can absorb the meaning. This is mediating (contemplating) on scriptures/sentences to grasp the true meaning of what you are reading.

The most powerful way to meditate for your Ascention to the New Earth Star is on your breath. This is done by always putting your mind on your Tan Tien while repeating the Tan Tien Mantra silently to your self. Once you learn how to breathe like a child, a part of your mind (establishes a Tan Tien  mind connection) will always be Meditating on your breath all day long to keep your nervous syatem relaxed.

When the Old Enlightened Initiating Masters said that you must meditate all day long they didn’t mean to sit down and meditate all day long because you must live in society to burn off Karma. What the Old Enlightened Initiating Masters meant was for you to put your mind  (Meditate) on your breath by learning how to breathe like a child so your mind can meditate all day long on breath while living in society.


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