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God's Holy Breath Mantra Grounding Exercise

FaFa Gomes

Please close your eyes while you are standing with your feet shoulder width apart and apply correct postures. Inhale and imagine that the energy is coming up from  the Core Crystal of Gaia (earth) up to the middle of the souls of each foot up to your Tan Tien (located 1.3 inches below your navel). Then exhale and imagine the energy going right back down each leg to your middle of the souls of your feet to the Core Crystal of Gaia (earth) from your Tan Tien and Grounding you to Gaia. Do this till you feel grounded, keep your knees slightly bent all of the time to help keep you grounded. In time you will develop roots, you will be grounded all of the time to Anchor your Light Body into the Core Crystal of Gaia (earth).

Important: Keep a medium size Peice of Black Tourmaline or Smoky Quartz on your person at all times to Ground you. It can be a Necklace, Ring or in Raw Form (stone) in your pocket. Rinse the Stone/Necklace/Ring once/twice a month in cold Running water, smudge with White Sage daily or let it sit outside in the back window of your car the night of a Full Moon to take away negative energy that the Stone/Pendant/Ring collected from people etc.... Smudge your entire body with White Sage every morning to purify the Negativity from your Body and your House.

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