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Foods that you need to eat to Keep you Healthy

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Over the past years cancer, diabetes, heart disease and other forms of diseases has killed millions of people and continues to do so. Studies have shown  that by changing your diet over to a Organic Diet can prevent or heal your self from all sorts of health issues including Cancer. Stop eating poorly by switching over to eating organic food (fruit, vegatables, juices, nuts, flour, grains, bread, etc.... ) from health food (Mana Foods, Whole Foods , Down To Earth, Alive And Well, Safeway Grocery Stores stores on Maui) stores or grow your own food. It's not expensive because you eat half as much cause of all of the nutrients you get from the food. If it doesn't say NON GMO it's GMO so stay away from it. Use organic oilve oil to cook with and Organic honey to sweeten what ever you want sweetened. Drink 5 cups or more of green tea daily to prevent and recover from strokes. Drink a cup of green tea after each meal  to wash away the fats/oils from your system to help prevent cloged arteries. Keep away from Coffee (do breathing exercises to wake you up) because it causes stomach problems and this will be the root of other Health problems that will arise.
It is also best to learn FaFa's Holy Breath Qigong Mantra to learn how to breathe like a child to increase your life force energy and to learn how to Relax your Nervous System. This will help you Ascend to The New Earth Star, keep you healthy and it will make your immune system stronger.  You will learn various Qigong exercises from FaFa so you can learn how to  bring in 7 times more oxygen into your blood stream than you are able to bring in now. This will increases your blood oxygen level to strengthen your heart, energy circulation, relieve stress and to slow down the deterioration of your lungs as you age.

Please stay away from the 1,500 calorie Hawaiian Plate Lunches
Detox is a Must
You must also detox your entire system to cleanse your internal system from Pollution or you will one day die from Pollution related ailments. Eating right is excellent for you but you must also detox your self by using other methods. Use 10 drops of Liquid Dulse daily by Bernard Jensen daily to cleanse your entire Respitory System from Mold , Vog, Metal etc...                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Add Haritaki Powder (a miracle fruit) daily (1 tsp mixed with honey and warm water before bedtime)  if your not a diabetic. It's a mild laxative from India that detoxes your intestines back to childhood, maintains Colon health, detoxes your liver, clears your mind, increases energy, clears your arteries, purifies your blood, heals your insides etc...

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