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Unconditional Love is a thing that people are into on Maui, Hawaii 


Maui is a Magical Tropical Island  that radaites Unconditional Love and  Unconditional Love is a thing that people are into on Maui.  Maui is the #1 tourist destination and everyone that comes here receives a blessing. Some of the tourists come to Maui to be healed while others are just here for the energy of the natural beauty that surrounds them. When they leave Maui they already have plans to come back to bask in Maui's therapeutic Magical atmosphere.

FaFa has been living on Maui since 1988, he became a Healer, Minister, Psychic, a Medicine Buddha and a World Wide Enlightened Spiritual teacher that teaches Unconditional Love so you/ others can Ascend to the New Earth Star ( Heaven on New Earth) when Christ comes.

FaFa sends Unconditional Love to the entire World from Maui, to everyone around him and teaches others to do the same to help them cope with lifes challanges in an Unconditional Love way. Everyone that comes to Maui and the other Hawaiian islands receives Unconditional Love Blessings directly from FaFa and others who have decided follow his foot steps.

FaFa received notice from a few Maui tourist that told him that she/they noticed that Unconditional Love is a thing that people are into on Maui. Unconditional Love  is starting to rub off on our tourists thanks to everybodys help because they are starting to talk about Unconditional Love and when they go back home they will have Unconditional Love for themselves/others , what a blessing.

You don't have to be a Maui resident to send Unconditional Love to others. You can start NOW no matter where you live, tell others about it and before you know it people in your area will also be known for Unconditional LovePlant Unconditional Love Seeds and watch Unconditional Love grow grow grow within your community. Many Blessings...


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