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On 6/5/16 the Portal that makes it possible for you to Ascend to the Fifth Dimension (New Earth Star/Heaven) Opened Up! You are a being of Light, a Light Body but your Light Body was turned off because the Spiritual Energy was weak living in the 3rd Dimensional Dark Ages. Since we have switched over to the 5th Dimensional New Golden Age of Gaia you are receiving large amounts of Spiritual Energy (Light) now a days so you have to learn how to  Activate your Light Body and ground (anchor) yourself into the core of Gaia so you can Ascend to the New Earth Star/Heaven when the time comes. Earth is switching over to being a Light Planet and you must Activate (turn on) your Light Body so you can Flash into your Light Body and Ascend when the time comes.                                                                                

Light Body practice to Activate your light body:                                                                         Before you go to sleep at night, lay down, tell yourself that you are a Light Body, see yourself as Light wearing an Earth Vessel (your Body), close your eyes, relax, then connect your Third Eye (inbetween your eyebrows) with your High Heart (inbetween your Heart and Throat Chakra). and take a few deep breaths. Tell yourself that when you go to sleep you are going to visit the New Earth Star (Heaven on Earth) and stay on  Earth at the same time while you are asleep. Then go to sleep, you might see all sorts of shapes and sizes before you actually go to sleep the first time or so, Relax go with the flow and before you know it it will be time for you to wake up. Tell your self that you are a Light Body when you wake up then ground (anchor) yourself into the core of Gaia when you first stand up with a few breaths (instructions below). Repeat this every night/morning and this will Activate your Light Body and you will vibrate at a higher frequency. Your skin will begin to glow as you go in and out of your Light Body. This will be one of the first signs that your Light Body has been Activated and you will then be ready to Ascended to the New Earth Star when the time comes.

Please note that;   When you  RELAX, CONNECT your Third Eye/High Heart to Send Unconditional Love to Everyone and Life's situations you are keeping your Light Body Active once it has been Activated.                                                                      
*** It is very important for you to be grounded all of the time so you can Anchor your Light Body into the Core of Gaia.

Please close your eyes while you are standing with your feet shoulder width apart and apply correct postures. Inhale in through your nose and imagine that the energy is coming in through your Crown Chakra (top of your head), exhale through your mouth and imagine the energy going all the way down your spine to the soles of your feet into the core of Gaia (Earth) this will keep your grounded all of the time to keep your Light Body Anchored into the Core of Gaia (Earth).   Do this for 5 bminutes Breathe this way from now on.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Important: Keep a medium size peice of Black Tourmaline or Smoky Quartz on your person at all times to Ground you. It can be a Necklace, Ring or in Raw Form (stone) in your pocket. Rinse the Stone/Necklace/Ring once/twice a month in cold Running water, smudge with White Sage daily or let it sit outside in the back window of your car the night of a Full Moon to take away negative energy that the Stone/Pendant/Ring collected from people etc.... Smudge your entire body with White Sage every morning to purify the Negativity from your Body and your House.

Memory loss (air head) can be caused by not being Grounded
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