FaFa's New Earth Star Presents... The Five Tan Tiens Heart Beat

Fafa Gomes

Heart Beat is a lower abdominal breathing heart exercise that will 3x your energy level daily as long as you do it daily. The Heart Beat exercise is only 5 minutes and it is done upon waking up in the morning and it is ONLY done once a day.

Heart beat is very powerful and FaFa’s directions must be followed to the letter or you can become injured internally. Heart Beat exercise is safe as long as you follow his directions to the letter.

Heart Beat exercise: Stand up with your feet shoulder width apart and apply correct postures. Find your pulse on your left wrist with the upper portion of your right index finger and middle tip, close your eyes, take a deep breath into your lower abdominal, Tan Tien 1,
Tan Tien 2, Tan Tien 3, Tan Tien 4, Tan Tien 5 , hold your breath (gently and slightly close your Perineum and Anus while your mind is on your Na'au) while you count 5 Heart Beats, then let all the air out slowly through your nose and gently close your Perineum and Anus more while your mind is on your Tan Tien. Use a clock to time yourself in the beginning (develope a counting system that will tell you when your 5 minutes is up, 12345 heart beats, 22345, 32345, 42345, 52345,62345,72345 etc...), and repeat for 5 minutes. You will begin to feel an increase of energy in about 2 weeks  your energy which will get stronger in time.

DO NOT DO MORE THAN 5 HEART BEATS FOR 6 MONTHS, Raise up 5 heart beats at a time every 3 months for one year.

After one year raise up 5 heart beats at a time and only when holding your breath at that amount becomes easy. Your goal is to able to hold your breath for 200 heart beats and it should take you at least 15 years or longer.  There is no rush.

*** If you have a weak heart consult you Doctor first and begin with 3 heart beats for 6 months and raise up 3 heart beats at a time rest of the year instead of 5. After one year follow the directions for after one year.

Caution: The 5 Heart Beat exercise is only for advanced students that are able to 24 hour Na'au breathe. Anyone who tries this exercise with out being able to 24 hour Na'au breathe first can become injured so please learn how to 24 hour abdominal breathe first.

Women: Stop doing this exercise if you become pregnant and pick it up again after delivery.



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