FaFa's New Earth Star Ascension Presents...           The Five  Tan  Tiens 5 Elements
FaFa Gomes

***Repeat the Five Tan Tiens Mantra silently to yourself
 as you coordinate breathing with each Posture

please follow me as if you are looking into a mirror

                                                                                                                                              5 Elements takes about 5-7 minutes to do, depending on how long you hold your breath in between each exercise. When it is done correctly it erases all of the stress that was put on your body while exercising so you can totally benefit from your exercises. It can be repeated for as many times as you want after any exercise routine.

Relaxation is the key to your Ascension, when you inhale tell your self to relax and when you exhale tell yourself to relax even more.

Practice facing East during day light hours. By facing east, you receive the most amount of energy from the your practice between 5 am—8 am

*** Exercise on a flat surface only, if you don’t, you will throw you energy off balance and cause an energy blockage (energy deviation).

Mind, Body & Spirit Unity

You always here the term Mind, Body and Spirit used loosly but what does it really mean?

The average person reads a book, plays chess etc.. to exercise their Mind, they do physical exercises to exercise their Body and they do some form of religious practice. Without realizing it they seperate the Mind, Body and Spirit by exercising them seperately.

When you coordinate each Qigong posture while inhaling and silently repeating the the Five Tan Tiens  Mantra to your self you learn how to  use your Mind to direct everything. This simple act will exercise your Mind, Breath (Spirit) and Body as one when you are able to breathe like a child and the breath is as natural as the postures.  With dedicated practice you will reach Mind, Body & Spirit Unity.

The Flowing Technique

The flowing technique is a self-healing technique that provides all the disease fighting benefits of vigorous exercise with less possible joint and muscle injury. 

Inhale when you come up - exhale when you move down.

Inhale when you come up and exhale when you push out.

Inhale when you come back in and exhale when you push out.


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