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Francisco Gomes was an American Born Cape Verdian of Portuguese/West African decent and he was born on July 24, 1957 in Canton, Ohio at 1:45am a 6x Leo. He was guided by the Spirit of God our Father since the age of 3 when God stopped him from doing something that saved his life. When he was 5 when (he was not able to speak or able to Understand English) God our Father came to him again in his Portuguese Kriolo language and told him that he was going to take him through many phases in life and he was to follow his instructions to the letter because he had a Special job for him to do when he got older. He was very fortunate to be born in a time period when Mom was always home, people were kind to one another, they cared for one another and everyone was his teacher. Francisco was an innovator.g

In 1981 Francisco started studying Yip Style Tai-Chi, Medical Qigong and Taoist Yoga. His teacher stressed on the importance of lower abdominal breathing (Tan-Tien breathing like a child). His teacher also told him that it was impossible for him to learn how to rebreathe like a child. Francisco asked God for help and one day while Meditating on Breath God's Holy Breath Mantra came to him. He repeated God's Holy Breath Mantra to keep his mind on his Lower Tan Tien all of the time throughout the day while/while not exercising and within 30 days he was able to Tan Tien breathe like a child. Once he was able to breathe like a child he became relaxed, his energy increased and he experienced a Spiritual Awakening (became born again of water and of Spirit via the water path). His skin began to glow, his Spiritual vibration increased and you could feel a presense of Spiritual Energy come from his body.

In 1984 he taught Harry Hunter a COPD patient that couldn't walk 2 feet without wheezing God's Holy Breath Mantra at the Y.M.C.A in Atlanta, Georgia. Harry was able to breath like a child in 30 days of dedicated practice and he was able to live a normal life once again. Harry's Doctor documented everything and by 1990 Physical Therapists started teaching a watered down version (called Diaphragm Breathing )  of his techniques to their COPD patients with Great Success. FaFa found out about it in 2014.

In 1986 Francisco left Ohio, injured his back in Fort Lauderdale, Florida while he was working  and he was paralyzed from the waist down for 3 weeks. He asked God to give him a job that he could work for himself when he got better.

In 1987 shortly after Francisco recovered he met the Coconut Man at Hollywood Beach, Florida a Coconut Palm Hat and Basket Weaver. The Coconut Man taught him how to climb Coconut Trees, make Hats/Baskets and told him that if he ever got tired of Florida he could move to Maui. Francisco moved to Maui in 1988. He started to bless Maui residents, people from all over the World, by meeting them, while making and selling his blessed art work to them.

In 1996-1999 Francisco studied North American Shamanism, became a Reiki Master and an Ordained Healing Minister. He developed a unique healing system, he specialized in Miracle healings, Distance Healing, Psychic Surgery, New and old injuries.

In 1999 Francisco wrote a coconut palm weaving book called Maui Hatman Style Coconut Palm Basket Weaving. Every photo was taken from his vantage point and his technique changed the way art is taught in books to this day.

In late 1999 Francisco picked up an old lady that was hitch hiking and she disappeared from his car right before he was to drop her off. He found out later that she was Pele the Fire Goddess. Shortly afterwards he ran into Job's Tears (aka Pele's Tears) a plant that produces a seed that Hawaiians make Seed Leis out of in 2001. He started to design his own style of Pele's Tears Seed Leis to sell to the  tourists from all over the World. Pele's Tears has been supporting Francisco/FaFa ever since so he can teach you Vital Information for FREE on line. Francisco continued to  do God's work by sending Unconditional Love to everyone he meets and to tourists he sees at various busy Scenic Lookouts on Maui the Most Magical place in the World.

In 2006 the  Holy Breath Qigong Mantra was recorded onto a practice CD that came with a companion booklet. They were (P) copyrighted and put on-line  for sale so you could convert back to 24 hour lower abdominal breathing like a little child to go within, to become Enlightened and begin living in the NOW! no matter where you live if you were called to do so. He was the first to put Breathing exercises on You Tube , was the first to teach you that you can transmit energy and Empower someone by using a video/audio recordings . Everyone started teaching Breathing exercises on YouTube and using his idea to empower others via video/audio recordings of their own material ( Dalai Lama, East Indian Gurus etc...)

On June 28, 2010  (Francisco finished his mission  by teaching others how to  Lower Abdominal Breathe to increase their Spiritual  vibration, helping millions of people World Wide with COPD since 1990,and teaching others how to empower others Spiritually via video/audio recordings since 2006.) he got a hit by Heat Stroke and fell asleep for 3 days. He took a 2 year break after that and started teaching others about Ascension in 2011.

In  June of 2015 Francisco met a woman at a Scenic Lookout that told him that he had a blue aura, she told him that she was from the Galactic Federation, she told him that he was from Atlantis and his Father was the Sun. She asked Him who are you ? and he said Francisco She told him that he was called many names and he had to wake up to his self because he  signed a contract and had work to do. She told him that he was one of the 144,000 servants of God and he had to wake up. She told him that he was a Walk in Soul and she knew who he was but did not tell him. She gave him a little booklet with some hand written instructions, exercises and told him about the Arcturians and that he was a  Healer from the Sirius the Brightest Star at night that's behind the Sun that is aslso known as the Christ Star. She told him to pick another name so he chose FaFa (Peace) the name that only Bian (his Grandmother)  called when he was growing up . The information she gave him has changed his life ( he's more relaxed, he resonates more energy, his skin glows more and his eyes twinkle more then ever). She started him wondering again, who am I ?

On 1/1/16  FaFa started sending Unconditional Love Tweets on Twitter to help others Ascend to the New Earth and he became more peaceful.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         On 4/21/16 Fafa put together the  NewEarthStarAscension.com website after a vision he got about helping others Ascend.

On 9/16/16 we had a Full Moon lunar  Eclipse, the Photon  Energy waves increased, a lot of Spiritual people started to awaken World Wide and will continue to awaken.

FaFa realized after 11/11/16 that when Francisco fell asleep for three days because of Heat Stroke in June 2010 that he is the Walk in Soul   from Sirius (the brighest star also known as the Christ Star) that traded places with Francisco's soul that went back to Heaven after he completed his mission.

FaFa's mission as a Walk in Soul is to assist Star Seeds  by teaching  them his   Unconditional Love Tweets , how to heal themselves/others by extending healing energy out in to the world, making sure that you/they Ascend to the New Earth Star ( Heaven on New Earth)  by Blessing/Protecting you and  teaching you the Vital things you need to know to Wake Up because the New Earth Star ( Heaven on Earth) is already here in the NOW...


Many Blessings to Francisco's Family (Mother, Son, Grandchildren etc...) for their loss and their Happiness in Understanding of who FaFa is...

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