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                                              Learn How To Find Your True Mate Or Get Along With Her/Him                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    In 2002 I met my ex-wife a woman that was 24 years younger than me and we got married. We were together for 7 years , we moved 19 times and moved to  3 different states trying to find a compatible place to live in. We finally moved into a big place and it separated us. She hung out/slept on one side of the house and I hung out/ slept on the other side. We separated and divorced 1 year later.

I was searching the net one day and I ran across this Free Eight House Feng Shui chart. This chart answered all my questions as to why my ex-wife and I moved so many times. It also told me why we got separated in our last huge Yoga Studio apartment and divorced. I need to live in a West house with a West house woman and my ex-wife needs to live in a South East House with a South East House man. Our Eight House charts are self explanatory as to why we moved so much trying to find that perfect place to live in then finally divorcing in a huge apartment.


Since my divorce I have been using this Free Eight House Chart so I can date only women that I know I can live with if it goes that far and it has worked for me. I also use it to make sure that the  house I live in brings me Health, Prosperity by sleeping in the direction and Longevity so I can live a long Time.  I have decided to share this Vital information so you can find a mate that you can live with, live happy ever after in the comfort of your home, stay Healthy, Prosper and live a long Life.

You might have a Eight House compatible mate ( someone your age) but you guys are always arguing at home. Maybe it's because you guys are living in the wrong apartment or living in the wrong side of the house? I have helped many couples get it right, they no longer argue and they are happy.

*** If you don't have a mate the Eight House chart will help you live a better quality life by you living/working in the correct side of your house/ office so you can be at your best.

Eight House FREE Chart

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