FaFa's New Earth Star Presents... 21 Breaths

  FaFa Gomes

21 breaths is a purification exercise that helps purify your body from toxins while it teaches you how to relax.

21 breaths is the first exercise that you do to relax  yourself  before any daily practice.

Begin by inhaling to the count of , Tan-Tien 1, Tan-Tien 2, Tan-Tien 3, Tan-Tien 4, Tan-Tien 5 silently to yourself. Tell yourself to relax while you imagine that the air you are breathing in through your nose is white light. When you exhale imagine that the air you are exhaling releases black negative particles from your pores to cleanse and purify you. Do this for 21 breaths. Please note: Every breath you take in and exhale is smooth and relaxing.


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