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FaFa is a Gifted New Age Spiritual Healer that became Enlightened  in 1982 a year after he  started studying Yip Style Tai-Chi, Medical Qigong and Taoist Yoga. Niko his teacher stressed on the importance of Lower Abdominal Breathing (Tan-Tien breathing like a child). Niko also told him that it was impossible for him to learn how to rebreathe like a child. FaFa asked God for help and one day while Meditating on Breath the Five Tan Tiens Mantra came to him. He repeated the Five Tan Tiens Mantra to keep his mind on his Lower Tan Tien all of the time throughout the day while/while not exercising and within 30 days he was able to Tan Tien breathe like a child. Once he was able to breathe like a child he became relaxed, his energy increased and he experienced a Spiritual Awakening (became born again of water and of Spirit via the water path). His skin began to glow, his Spiritual vibration increased and you could feel a presence  of Spiritual Energy emanate  from his body.

FaFa has been teaching his Five Tan Tien Mantra since 1984, advanced his system by studying with a various Qigong Chinese Masters (Fong Ha, Alfred Huang) since then on Maui, became a Reiki Master Shaman that specializes in Miracle Healings, an Enlightenment Teacher and NOW the only Ascension  Grand Master of his kind...

The links below are some of the most Important  exercises from his  Five Tan Tiens Mantra Qigong system that Awakened him, helped him with his Ascension and are Prerequisite for his Advanced teachings. FaFa has been helping others become Enlightened  and  Now Ascend  online since 2006 for FREE.  Follow the Instructions below with serious Dedication, you too will Awaken to a higher level of Consciousness and Ascend to the New Earth Star (Heaven on New Earth) when Christ comes.

*******Learn How to send Unconditional Love to everybody so you and others can  Ascend to the New Earth Star (Heaven) Video Instructions*******   

                                                                                                                                                                                                            Unconditional Love is a thing that people are into on Maui...            
                                                                                                                                                                                                       ***The Five  Five Tan Tiens Mantra System:

Tan Tiens Mantra Video Instructions***
                                                                                                                                                                                                          The Five Tan Tiens Grounding Exercise

21 Breaths: Relax Your Entire Body Before Exercising

Heart Beat: 3x Your Energy Level Daily In Just 5 Minutes

Universal  Exercise Video teaches you how to prepare your body for exercising

Joint Exercises Video teaches you how to lubricate your joints so that your energy can travel smoothly throughout out your body.

Stretches Video teaches you how to loosen and relax your muscles

Five Elements Video teaches you how to take away all of the stress that was put on your
body while you were exercising

Clearing Exercise Video teaches you how to clear all energy pathways after exercising  so your energy can travel throughout your organs to keep you healthy

Six Healing Sounds
                                                                                                                                                                                             *****Learn How to Activate your Light Body*****                     

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